Wednesday 16 October 2013

Stuart Isacoff’s fascinating book A Natural History of the Piano now available in paperback from Souvenir Press

In November 2012 I reviewed a fascinating book by Stuart Isacoff entitled A Natural History of the Piano. Souvenir Press have now published a paperback edition of this informative and entertaining book that explores the history and evolution of the piano and how its sound provides the basis for emotional expression and individual style.

ISBN - 9780285642379

Such is the breadth of this volume that it covers musicians from Mozart to Modern Jazz, pulling together such great names as Oscar Peterson, Art Tatum, Rachmaninov and Horowitz.

There are chapters on how the piano developed as well as a chapter on the shaping of the piano’s sounds, pedal technique, tuning and temperament and pianists’ playing styles. Even the influence of film, radio and television on the piano is covered.

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